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About me

Merieta B.

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The 21st Century Girlie Girl!

Merieta Bayati (Merieta B) is the Founder and CEO of Girlie Girl Enterprises (GGE), a brand holding company that includes an online retail store, a camp for moms and daughters, and a host of other initiatives that seek to define a “Girlie Girl” as more than just a pretty face. GGE's camp affiliate: Camp Girlie Girl creates a fun & educational atmosphere for young girls and their moms.

Merieta B has redefined “Girlie Girl” to embody walking in Style, Grace, God and Fabulousness.  She is the ultimate definition of the 21st century “Girlie Girl” and is a successful author, speaker/presenter & motivational artist, and a CURLS™ brand ambassador and promotor.

Merieta B received a B.A. in Business Management from Albertus Magnus College and has had senior administrative roles at Yale University School of Public Health. She has also served a as social media and public relations expert for a diverse range of small and medium sized firms. 

She was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi to a family of successful global entrepreneurs and enjoys singing and playing the guitar.

Merieta is available for speaking engagements, workshops, event hosting and more.